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Comment of the day

"I think this house is a very interesting case study for historical preservation for Miami. Something that we need to remember is that old doesn't mean historical. Miami is still a young city and sometimes its okay to step back and be okay with the fact that we don't have as many historical buildings as other older cities. A previous commenter said it best in that this house is completely out of place for Miami. it looks like it belongs in Virginia or in the northeast not in Miami. Some may say its uniqueness for Miami makes it important. I would disagree but it is a case you could make. I'm more of the thought that historical means the building has significant value to the area beyond just its age. The house on star island [42 Star Island Drive] really reminds me of the cocaine cowboy times in Miami, no one can argue with art deco's influence on the city, but honestly what other value does this totally out of place house add? Many might disagree but I think historical preservationists should start thinking about picking their battles more carefully. After the high profile and very questionable Miami Herald building debacle (political as well as architectural) people could begin to associate historical preservationists with nagging. Instead of a blitz of attempting to save all old houses I think greater care should be taken in looking at which homes deserve to be preserved and then release an explanation as to why that specific building deserves that honor. I think this will help more people support the preservation movement instead of being turned away from it and annoyed."-MiamiArchi [Will This 1935 Maurice Fatio House See The Wrecking Ball?]

Miami Herald Building

1 Herald Plaza, Miami, Florida

5446 North Bay Road

5446 North Bay Road, Miami Beach, Florida