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15 Extravagant Ways Versace Amped Up Casa Casuarina

Today Curbed National took an in-depth look at the lavishness that is the Versace Mansion on Ocean Drive. Still on the market for the staggeringly large, large price of $100 million, (Rumor alert: some are saying it won't get anywhere near that) the former house of fashion overlord Gianni Versace embodies the whaleyness of whales. So, what's so superlative about Casa Casuarina? Here are a few highlights. For the rest, head over to Curbed National.

1) Versace's 'naughty room' included a six person shower.
2) Versace demolished a neighboring art deco hotel so he would have space for his mosaic encrusted pool. His medusa-head logo covers the bottom.
3) Each of the mansion's ten bedrooms has a different fantastical theme, including 'aviary' and of course 'naked menz'.
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Casa Casuarina

1116 Ocean Drive, Miami, FL 33139