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Lisa Hochstein's Palace Is A Ripoff Of This Beverly Hills House

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The dream house that Real Housewife of Miami and possible ex-porn star Lisa Hochstein and her plastic surgeon husband Lenny (hey, no wonder she looks so good!) are trying to build on Star Island is an almost exact copy of this absolutely lavish Sunset Boulevard estate. The Hochsteins probably thought they were getting an original design from ubiquitous local architect Kobi Karp. But alas! Seen from the front and the back, the elevations of both houses bear an uncanny, almost bizarre resemblance to each other, with one difference: 9577 Sunset Boulevard is classical architecture done right, with pleasing proportions, nice detail work, and a house that doesn't appear overly large on its site, while the Hochstein place is none of those things.

Plans for the Hochstein dream house

Meanwhile, back in Miami Beach Lisa and Lenny have been feuding trying to build their not-so-original house, and feuding with preservationists over the historic house 1925 Walter DeGarmo-designed house already on the site. The war still wages on. No word yet on whether that New Yorker with a desire to save the DeGarmo house has had his offer accepted yet either.

UPDATE: New, revised designs have been submitted by the Hochsteins to the City of Miami Beach for approval. A source who has seen the new plans say they are "nearly identical."
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42 Star Island Drive

42 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach, Florida