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Jackie Gleason's Party Pad Is Still On The Market For $2.39M

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Jacke Gleason's party house - an 8,000 square foot midcentury palazzo with three kitchens, 8 bedrooms, an upstairs dance floor, a gym, an indoor fountain, a gym, a jacuzzi, and a separate wing for the help - is still on the market for $2.39 million, since it was listed last August. Gleason only lived in it full time for about a year before building an even bigger, but more normal looking, place out in the 'burbs. It then became his party house and Miami Beach pied a terre near the Miami Beach Auditorium, where his show The Jackie Gleason Show was shot.
Excessive? Yes. But that was just how The Great One lived. (and with a nickname like that, how could one not?)
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Jackie Gleason House

2232 Alton Rd., Miami Beach, FL