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Comment of the day

"There are 70,000 permanent residents in Downtown today... yet hardly one decent continuous streetscape. Throwing people [living in condo towers] at a problem without concern for frontage and form hasnt worked so well in the past, see Caracas, La Paz, any number of tower-slums really. Pruitt-Igoe comes to mind.. but I digress, Yes they should be replaced, but there does exist in their present form an oppurtunity for interesting incubator retail, entertainment and retail space. Unfortunately the rent is too damn high, and they lock up these buildings after dark (some they even lock up all weekend) If these landlords were willing to get creative they could have plenty of tenants... unfotunately the mindset downtown is just "hold-onto-it-until-someone-buys-you-out-for-a-fortune-and-tears-it-down" which is lazy, not very proactive, and a mindset stuck in the mid '90's in my opinion."-ScottyJohnson227 [What's Up With Metromall, And The Other Downtown Arcades?]