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Holy Guacamole! Miami Has 100 Planned Condo Towers

According to an article in the Miami Herald by Peter Zalewski, the guy that runs 'Condo Vultures', there are 100 new condo towers planned in the South Florida market. But take it with a grain of salt as a measure of the Miami market. Zalewski probably includes dinky little five-floor projects more squat than they are high that don't actually look anything like towers, and doesn't include other massive developments, like that Bjarke Ingels-designed three tower apartment complex on the New River, or big retail projects around Lincoln Road. It also doesn't measure other huge projects, like train stations and infrastructure. Basically, what he's say is that over 100 new condo buildings (of any shape) are planned for South Florida, and even if most of those aren't eventually built, that's still a staggeringly impressive number. Go Miami!
· Six Years After Condo Crash, 100 New Towers Proposed [Miami Herald]