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Lowered FAA Height Limits Could Decapitate Downtown Miami

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Remember when M.I.A. was far enough away from Downtown Miami that planes could just cruise around without having to worry about crashing into the side of a downtown office building? Nope, neither do we. That luxury ended long ago, and since then the Federal Aviation Administration has limited the heights of new construction allowed in downtown Miami in fear of, well, a plane flying through the living room of somebody's penthouse apartment while in its descent towards Miami International Airport. Now those height restrictions might be lowered even more, according to an article in the print edition of Miami today, via because of that pesky Miami Today paywall. That could prove rather catastrophic for new towers in the planning stages, and even towers already under construction, in downtown, Edgewater, and even Brickell.

The article in Miami Today, reposted on exMiami, spells out current projects that could have their heads chopped off, or just be adversely affected:

An article in today's Miami Today News quotes a report given to the DDA which spells out current projects that could be affected: · Brickell CityCentre
· 1401 Brickell Avenue - Santander Bank Tower
· Resorts World Miami
· 1101 Brickell - Panorama Tower
· Multiple projects by The Related Group
· Adrienne Arsht Center parking garage
· Palmer Lake mixed-use development

Apparently somebody thinks the Arsht Center is building a really, really tall parking garage. No word yet on whether Zaha Hadid's tower will be forced to be shortened, which would be a real tragedy.
· FAA considers further reducing height limits in Downtown Miami [exMiami]