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'Brickell Green Space' Land Is Getting Gobbled By CityCentre

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Swire Properties is about to announce a northward expansion to their already-gigantic Brickell CityCentre megaproject, according to the admins of the exMiami forum, adding the block bounded by South Miami Avenue and Southeast First Avenue, from Fifth Street to Sixth Street to the project (bounded by the red rectangle, above). Yep, that's an entire block of 'Brickell Green Space', those two empty blocks that local urbanists were trying to save as a public park (NPR even did a piece about it!).

So, say sayonara to Brickell Green Space and hello to another condo tower, or office building, or whatever, and let's just hope it's connected by that wicked cool elevated shopping mall connected by skybridges that Brickell CityCentre keeps bragging about. You know the one that the owners of Bal Harbour Shops, the Whitman family, just invested in. It's not as good as a waterfront park, but not bad at all either.
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Brickell Green Space

431-451 S. Miami Avenue, Miami, Florida