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Revised Plans Of Real Housewife Of Miami Lisa Hochstein's Dream Home Don't Look Much Different

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The imbroglio over Real Housewife of Miami Lisa Hochstein's 20,000 square foot wedding cake of classical architecture continues with new revised plans for her dream house by architect Kobi Karp that are hardly any different. A column is tweaked here, and landscaping is tweaked there (including the removal of a large tree) but as a tipster told Curbed the other day, they are hardly any different, and don't seem to do much to satiate the complaints of the Miami Beach Design Review Board. And the new plans get nowhere near answering the chief complaint of this whole mess, the destruction of an historic house already on the site. So, what do the plans do? In a spate of insomnia late last night, Curbed Miami got a little OCD and analyzed them for every little difference we could find.

· In one of the drawings they refined the design of the back terraces, adding stairs and decorations in the paving. But in another that's not there.
· The back terraces are also larger.
· The columns are equally spaced apart now, which is another improvement.
· A fountain has been added to the south side of the motor court.
· At least one large tree in the front yard has been removed, allowing the driveway to approach the house symmetrically.
· The interior floorplans of the main house look identical.
· The column capitals of the main portico now extend beyond the entablature, as they should in a classical building such as this. The earlier design goofed this.
· The guest house's facade has been improved, with a Palladian door (arched door flanked by two rectangles) under the portico and other changes, and the second story balcony is now covered.
· The details of the house are slightly less similar to that Beverly Hills house now.
· The side facades are more detailed.
· It's a little hard to tell at this resolution, but it looks like the entire building is now the Corinthian order (more complicated column capitals), whereas in the old design the central porticos were Corinthian and everything else was Ionic (column capitals look like scrolls). This is another deviation from the Beverly Hills house, which was split between Corinthian and Ionic like the original design.
· The staircase to the garage apartment (sooo obviously meant for live-in servants) has now been moved to the other side of the garage, with a door inconspicuously located around the back.
· The landscaping is more complicated.
· There is a roof deck. This may or may not have been included in the original plans.
· Oh, and the buildings on the site still have no real relation to each other.

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42 Star Island Drive

42 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach, Florida