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Comment of the day

"The facade IS an improvement. The pilasters should be figured to a specific order or as a series of antae. The window surrounds should match the architrave of the Corinthian entablature. The Corona and Cymatium should not be omitted from the entablature of the main house. (it currently only appears in the portico) There should be a pediment or blocking course above the portico, and the balustrades are still too tall and heavy on the wings. The Fenestration is greatly improved and the Proportion of the principal elements is now more or less correct. I personally think its impressive that Kobi Karp's white shoebox factory could improve the facade as much as they have. They hadn't demonstrated any appreciable comprehension of real Classical detailing until this point, and must brought out of the shadows to make these corrections. Just look at how hideous that first set of elevations was!"-ScottyJohnson227 [Revised Plans Of Real Housewife Of Miami Lisa Hochstein's Dream Home Don't Look Much Different]

42 Star Island Drive

42 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach, Florida