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Check Out The Pawson/Schrager Designed Marriott Edition

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As the full-on overhaul of the postwar Seville Hotel into the Marriott Edition continues by legendary hotelier Ian Schrager, a major expansion will add a residential penthouse addition on top of the original tower as well as a new 18 story residential tower next to it. The two new structures will contain a total of 26 "move-in-ready" condos designed by starchitect John Pawson fully loaded with "everything one would need in a household from linens to dishes, towels to cookware, all pre-selected, unpacked and put away prior to arrival" according to the PR people. Seperate from the hotel and residential entrances, the Edition will have a "celebrity entrance," which we imagine is tunnel under Collins Avenue to a bombshelter-like undisclosed location, but will probably just be a really hidden driveway.
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Seville Hotel

2901 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL