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Comment of the day

"I attended a party there [At the Versace Mansion], a few months before his death. His dreadful grotesque sister was there, her masque already a plastic surgery nightmare, and her then still very demure daughter was there, manifesting very proper manners, with the Irish or British nanny who had taught the kids very U- English. Calvin K and Bruce W were there in the courtyard outdoor party. That brand Medusa head figure was the motif visible on the floor of the swimming pool. There was a kind of open theatrical sauna and showers orgy space towards the back, on the ground floor. By FAR THE most appealing charming thing on display was a small framed photo in the 'media' room: the photo showed perhaps some 5 or 6 women standing, his mother and aunts I believe, in traditional Italian women's garb long dark skirts, hair pulled back in bun, archetypal Mediterranean women. They were seamstresses. I loved that flashy jet setting Versace was proud to show his modest humble aunts and Mama, his seamstress lineage."-Zybelline [Versace Mansion Hits Market For Optimistic $125 Million Price]

Casa Casuarina

1116 Ocean Drive, Miami, FL 33139