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Faena Releases Five Short Videos On Designing Faena House

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01 Brandon Intro Short Edit Final-Online from on Vimeo.

Developer Alan Faena has released five short videos on the 'efforts of the collaboratory' (as exMiami quotes) in the design of Faena House, the Lord Norman Foster-designed condo tower next to the Faena Saxony hotel. The building is designed to be aerodynamic and above the flood plane. It has balconies that can be used like Brazilian verandas, connecting the various spaces in your condo. It will have really, really wide pieces of (hurricane resistant?) glass for windows and sliding doors. The super-minimalistic kitchens will be fancy and futuristic as all hell. And the fountains! Watch the last video. These obsessive compulsives have spent a great deal of time considering the sound waves the fountains in the lobby make, aiming for a variety of wavelengths and thus hopefully achieving the ethereal quality of a babbling brook or waves on the shore. Sounds spectacular.

02 Aerodynamics Short Edit Rough 02-Online from on Vimeo.

03 Indoor Outdoor Living Short Edit Rough 02-Online from on Vimeo.

04 Craftsmanship Short Edit Rough 02-Online from on Vimeo.

05 Water Short Edit Rough 02-Online from on Vimeo.

· [Vimeo]
· Faena District [exMiami]

Saxony Hotel

3201 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Faena House

3301 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida