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All Signs Say Biscayne Landing Is About To Blast Off, Again

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North Miami's biggest single piece of real estate, the formerly-superfunded Biscayne Landing land, appears about to come furiously back to life, according to the Biscayne Times. It was one of the biggest stalled projects of the real estate crash, with just two residential towers built out of the thousands of units planned, but new or revived attention is coming at it like mad. Developers Oleta Partners, "most prominently represented by Michael Swerdlow" are looking at filling in most of the lakes, adding a park around the large lake to the north, building a hotel, leveling the old landfill, and adding a spine road through the center of the property. A bunch of big box stores will be built on the property's southern half, and eventually 3400 new residential units will pop up all over the place. Oh, and look out for a luxury 'vertical car dealership' right at the project's Biscayne Boulevard entrance.
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