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Despite The Platform Snafu, Miami Central Sta. Looks Good!

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[Photos Via exMiami/yellows2k]

Since Amtrak dropped the bomb that they would be sending longer trains to Miami, and thus requiring longer platforms at Miami Central Station, project managers and construction workers have been scurrying to correct that little snafu. But everything hasn't run amuck way down at the construction site of Miami's latest mass transit marvel. Construction of the station, which is the last element in the consolidation of Tri-Rail, Amtrak, Metrorail, buses, car rentals, and the airport peoplemover into one major transportation hub, is continuing at a furious pace, as the above pictures taken by exMiami forum contributor yellows2k show. So, what's new? Well, the station is pretty huge, those gigantic staircases are much higher than renderings would lead us to believe, and with all that leftover space next to the two platforms, there's plenty of room for expansion. The whole thing will be finished in about a year.
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Miami Central Station

3797 NW 21st Street, Miami, Florida