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Curbed Spots Construction Action At The Vagabond Motel

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[Photos: Sean McCaughan]

Curbed spotted today, on the evening commute, construction action at the Vagabond Motel, the architectural crown jewel of Biscayne Boulevard's MiMo Historic District. A prefab construction management office has plopped down on site, and men were seen doing stuff up on the roof. Developer Avra Jain's restoration of the Vagabond has been anticipated by locals as a harbinger of much more swinging days to come for Biscayne Boulevard's retro-fabulous, but still somewhat hooker-friendly, midcentury modern 'motel row.' Now it looks like that restoration is, praise the tiki gods, finally starting.
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Vagabond Motel

7301 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL