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Here's Grand Central Park's Final Eviction Notice, For Next Year

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Grand Central Park, the little park that could, was sued by a Miami Worldcenter affiliate, lost, and received a final notice of eviction from its rented land, according to exMiami. The notice was filed October first although we hear from a reliable source that the eviction isn't until March of next year, and perhaps later because they're fighting it and you never know what'll happen in the intervening time.

The privately created park was a champion of much needed green space in Downtown Miami, and a really awesome idea when it first opened. Beginning with a purchase by affiliates of the Miami Worldcenter megaproject, then an announcement that a giant Marriott hotel and convention center would be built on the site, the park has faced its own doom for the last year and successfully battled it off like some sci-fi hero. Could it be the David of Miami urban planning to Marriott at Miami Worldcenter's goliath?
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Grand Central Park

700 North Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33132