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Scotty's Joins "The Dark Side", Sells Name To Its Replacement

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Coconut Grove locals have been fighting to save longtime neighborhood hangout Scotty's Landing from the big-time Grove Bay development that's slated to replace the crusty old waterfront restaurant. Now, no longer counted among their ranks is Scotty himself. Scott Wessel, proprietor of the restaurant, where one could get a brewskie and a fish sandwich at a fair price and watch the boats float by, has sold the "Scotty's Landing" name to the developers, according to the Grove Guy.

Now patrons will be able to watch the boats get stacked. The new Scotty's Landing is planned to be a bit further inland from the old one, next to the boat storage racks. It will be one of multiple restaurants, in a waterfront mall-type thing just off City Hall and designed by Arquitectonica.
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Scotty's Landing

3381 Pan American Dr, Miami, FL 33133