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Inside The Rest Of Historic Hialeah Park, Grand Dame Of Racing

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If you haven't yet, check out Curbed Miami's tour of the new casino addition at Hialeah Park Race Track, one of the most glamorous and architecturally beautiful horse race tracks of the twentieth century. Designed by architect Lester W. Geisler, the track was frequented by absolutely everybody including many presidents, celebrities, and royalty. Winston Churchill and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor came. Jon Voight and Faye Dunaway shot a movie there. Seabiscuit raced there. (and many more here) The new casino, however, is in a comparatively small section of the entire complex and restoration has only just begun on the rest of the vast race track. The restorations are being done by EwingCole, with landscaping by Raymond Jungles. Luckily the unrestored sections are where the best architecture is to be found. Curbed Miami photographer Silvia Ros went exploring and came back with a photo tour of the stunning remnants of old Hialeah Park.

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