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Inside The Very Zaha Sales Center Of Zaha Hadid's Miami Tower

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[Photos by Robin Hill]

Work just completed on the sales center for the queen of parametric deformations Zaha Hadid's Miami condo tower, her first skyscraper in the western hemisphere, One Thousand Museum. The sales center is at Ten Museum Park downtown, another tower by developers Gregg Covin and Louis Birdman that's next door to the building site, and is stuffed with furniture designed by Zaha as well as an elaborate ceiling installation by Zaha too. And late at night, when the sales center is closed and everything's dark, a little light—the eternal flame of Zaha—can be seen flickering from an altar to Zaha off in one corner of the room. Just kidding.

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One Thousand Museum

1000 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida