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Restored Alfred Browning Parker Lists In Gables For $12.5M

This midcentury 'subtropical modern' by seminal Miami architect Alfred Browning Parker is on the market for $12.5 million. The almost-10,000 square foot house has a vaulted two story living room, persiana doors, lots of beautiful wood, a pool, and looks to be in fantastic shape. It's on three acres in Coral Gables with, get this, 757 feet of water frontage on the north and east, which (in addition to the architectural pedigree) probably makes it worth every penny of the asking price. One thing does stand out as (possibly) flawed in this whole, otherwise beautiful picture: the red barrel tile roof. As far as we can recollect, Alfred Browning Parker typically didn't use barrel tiles. Could the roof be authentically Parker, or is it a later addition by an owner attempting to change things up a bit? Either way, the roof does blend in rather well.
· 6801 Granada Boulevard, Coral Gables, FL [Trulia]