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After Long Last, Miami's Trader Joe's Opens Tomorrow

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Like H&M and Whataburger, Trader Joe's was one of those things that Miamians who had seen it in luckier northern climes yearned for year after wrenching year but that it seemed would never come, and we felt left out and developed self esteem issues because of it. Finally, a year ago H&M came, and now we're getting a Trader Joe's, opening tomorrow.

What, are pigs flying? Is up now down? Is black now white? Is Two Buck Chuck still two bucks? Either way, the eclectic grocery store that's known for its high quality and creative grub at really good prices will open at 8 a.m. Curbed has covered the coming of Joe's from first rumors, to announcement, to bungled hurricane codes, to completion, and now, finally, to the grand opening. If you go, expect crowds, free samples, a band, and we wouldn't be surprised if the Mayor showed up. Yep, that's how big of a deal Trader Joe's is.
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Trader Joe's Pinecrest

9205 South Dixie Highway, Pinecrest, FL