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Cavalli Restaurant in Miami Beach; Petit Miami

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1) Miami Beach: One more Italian spot is popping up this Spring, at least we think it's Italian. According to the company site, Petit Miami will be opening sometime this spring.

2) Wynwood: The latest on the Wynwood brewing scene is the upcoming Concrete Beach Brewery from Alchemy & Science (Alan Newman and Stacey Steinmetz). They're set to open in early 2014, with plans to have their spot serve as a brewing facility as well as a place to provide brewery tours.

3) South Beach: SoBe is about to get a new and probably extremely pricey restaurant called Cavalli Restaurant & Lounge. Behind the new spot are couturier Roberto Cavalli and the KNR Restaurant Group (also behind spots like Quattro Gastronomia and The Dutch Miami). This way for more info.
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