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Banksy, Lechon Asado Paired At Riviera South Beach Hotel

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The Riviera South Beach Hotel, of the South Beach Group Hotels' growing boutique hotel empire helmed by father and son duo Alan and Nathan Lieberman, has opened the doors to its new wing, which boasts chrome, ocean-facing balconies, a 50s-style Havana eatery and bathroom and hallway tiles designed by British graffiti artist Banksy.

The New Times is questioning the authenticity of the tiles, considering it strange that the work of a world renowned artist would only be enjoyed from, as Banksy would probably call it, the loo. The tiles look remarkably similar, notices a reader, to a line of tile by a Spanish company called Peroda.

Beyond that, an artist who said "commercial success is a mark of failure," and the luxe surroundings of a four-star hotel also struck New Times as strange bedfellows.

The new Banksy wing is described by the company as urban chic meets Hollywood Regency -- a rooftop sun deck with an infinity pool and bar as well as a ground floor pool with private cabanas and comfy beach chairs surrounded by potted plants and palms.

Nathan Lieberman, of the prominent Miami Beach development family, brought in Latin Grammy award-winning Cuban recording artist, Jorge Moreno, as co-proprietor of the wing's new restaurant, Morena's Cuba. Ropa vieja and a complimentary mojito during the hotel's daily cocktail hour do make for a delectable combination.

Need a siesta after all that pork and rum? The décor in the one-bedroom suites is inspired by 20th-century interior designer Dorothy Draper, "known for her lavish aesthetics and Art Deco flamboyance," according to the hotel's p.r. Think gold and royal blue, silk draperies, black-and-white cowhide rugs, and custom designed wood and ivory tufted leather furniture. Buenas tardes, indeed.
—Emily Schmall

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