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Enrique Iglesias Sells Longtime Bay Point House For $6.7M

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Native Miamian and latin heartthrob lover boy Enrique Iglesias' Bay Point house, at 4411 Sabal Palm Road, has sold for $6.7225 million, according to a press release from the realtor. Iglesias bought the bayfront property way back in 1996 for $640,000, built the house in 1998, and recorded this 'Cribs' style tour of the place for the Diary MTV series in 2002. The 6,400 square foot house is on 100 feet of bay frontage, and features five bedrooms and six baths. Although, the Miami-Dade Property Appraiser shows the house was transferred to Northern Trust Bank for $0 in 2009, Iglesias must have hung on to the place, eventually selling it for ten times what he bought it for, almost two decades later.
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4411 Sabal Palm Road

4411 Sabal Palm Road, Miami, FL, 33137