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Liebermans Hoteling The Croydon Arms At 3720 Collins Ave

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Alan Lieberman, of the prominent Miami Beach development family, writes in to say that he and his son Nathan are restoring the historic Croydon Arms Hotel at 3720 Collins Avenue, where construction was spotted. The Croydon Arms will have 100 rooms, a boxing gym, a pool, and a rooftop solarium with a private area for women, with a planned opening by the end of the year. The hotel was originally designed by E. Dean Parmalee in 1937 and apparently was so well received that it was written up in Architectural Record in 1938.

"The L-shaped plan was dictated by the direction of the prevailing breezes -- from the south and east -- and the view; the ocean is about 300 feet to the east, across Collins Avenue. The lobby is entered on 38th Street and the lounge opens onto a landscaped patio.... The exterior of the building is done entirely in painted stucco, except for the front balconies and continuous flower boxes at the first floor level, which are pre-cast concrete, also painted. The color scheme is white in the body, coral pink on the

windows and spandrels. Projecting hoods shield the windows from sun and rain." NOTE: There seems to be an itty bitty discrepancy about the name. Most historical sources call it the Croydon Arms, although a few, including this page at the University of Miami, go with Croyden Arms. Lieberman, in his email called it the "Croyden Hotel", but that was a quickly jotted note that ended with "Sent from my iPad". Meanwhile, historical designation reports for the neighborhood call it the Croydon Arms. So, we're going with Croydon Arms, for now.

NOTE #2: Alan replied, and the 'e' was a spellcheck error.
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