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42 Star Island's Historic Urns Hit Ebay, Ceiling Removed Too

Two large decorative urns from Lisa & Leonard Hochstein's 42 Star Island Drive (the house at the center of the biggest historic preservation feud to hit Miami since the Miami Herald Building) showed up for sale on Ebay over the weekend, at $2,000 for the pair. After not long, the listing was removed. According to Lenny, a maintenance worker (because the Hochsteins are totally maintaining that house, yeah...) stole the urns and Lenny is making the guy give them back.

As far as we know, the Hochsteins are not planning to incorporate the urns into the new house they're building on the site, but hey, you never know. And speaking of plucking stuff out of the house, according to Lenny, they've gotten a head start on the Design Review Board's request to preserve the the ornate wood living room ceiling. The ceiling has already been "carefully removed and is preserved to be placed in the new home". And all this while the 42 Star Island Drive imbroglio continues to wend its way through the court system/be considered for historic designation.

P.S. Dear "maintenance worker", as everyone knows, it's not the Scarface House!
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42 Star Island Drive

42 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach, Florida