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Clammy Toilet Seat, Cool Vintage Speedboat Are Highlights Of Miami Marine Stadium Exhibit

[Photos by Silvia Ros]

A magnificent modernist structure suspended over the edge of its specially designed boat basin, the abandoned Miami Marine Stadium and its architect Hilario Candela have been feeling the love these days from architectural aficionados, historic preservationists, celebrities raising funds for the stadium's renovation, curators, sexy parkour athletes, graffiti artists, the National Register of Historic Places, and Miamians all around.

Most recently in the Marine Stadium's orgiastic architectural lovefest is an exhibit on the stadium's history and design at the Coral Gables Museum, which includes some great historical artifacts from the stadium like a really sweet vintage motorboat and toilet seats covered in barnacles. There are also lots of historic photos of the stadium in bygone days and original architectural drawings of its design and construction. The City of Miami closed the stadium after Hurricane Andrew damaged it in 1992. Curated by Rosa Lowinger, the exhibit even has historical footage from before the stadium was, you know, Miami's most awesome architectural ruin. Concrete Paradise: The Miami Marine Stadium runs through January 5th.

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Miami Marine stadium

Virginia Key, Key Biscayne, Florida