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Parking Wars Get Hard Core At Trader Joe's First Miami Store

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The frustration that Curbed Miami expressed about parking whilst liveblogging the opening day of Trader Joe's first Miami store, in Pinecrest, has only escalated into basically a city-wide crisis and a serious payday for tow truck companies. The Miami Herald talked to area businesses who weren't happy about Trader Joe's customers using their spots, saying they were trying to be neighborly, but you know, when somebody buys an ice cream cone and is "gone for three hours" they just couldn't handle it anymore. Nevermind that customers not even going to Trader Joe's, including a judge enjoying a leisurely lunch at the nearby Roasters 'N' Toasters (a judge!) may inadvertently have their cars nipped because some nitwit low-level manager thought the car looked like it belonged to a Trader Joe's customer.

Meanwhile Trader Joe's has been frantically trying to warn customers of impending tows and Pinecrest police really weren't prepared for this: "We were aware it was opening, but it was almost like a cult following," said the fuzz. "There's no way we could have anticipated this. It's the first time we've seen this amount of attention for this kind of store." Hmm... Curbed has been warning you reporting about the store's 'cult following' for months.
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Trader Joe's Pinecrest

9205 South Dixie Highway, Pinecrest, FL