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Nestle In Our Lady Of Guadalupe's Robes At This Doral Chapel

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The Catholic Church, an organization that if anything has been one of the biggest patrons of architecture of all time, is (like it did in the Counter-Reformation) making a statement out in Doral in (what else?) architecture. Enter FR-EE, a Mexico City/New York based architecture firm helmed by former Rem Koolhaas underling Fernando Romero, who has designed this swooshy and billowy, but absolutely gorgeous church to Our Lady Of Guadalupe and the 26 other Latin American Virgins out in Doral.

A statue of each virgin will be held in its own little niche created out of a billow in the chapel, all of them connected by an ambulatory that, yes, ambles around the main church space. Light comes from the skylight in the chimney-like central tower above and, like all good Catholic iconography, the chapel comes with its own set of slightly awkward implications. Church goers are meant to feel safely protected in the motherly robes of the Virgin, but they're also, you know, under her skirt. Don't look up.

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