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Baru Gets Artsy in Midtown; Lure's Almost Ready

The latest dining dish from Eater Miami...

1) Miami Beach: The famed New York restaurant, Lure Fishbar, is coming to Miami. To be more precise, it's here! And just about ready to open up (sometime in November). Until then though, if you want to be obsessive about every little detail of what's happening at Lure, like we do, check out this photo of what the spot looks like so far.

2) South Beach: The new Riviera Hotel will also have a brand new restaurant. Behind it is Nathan Lieberman, the owner of the Riviera, and grammy-award winner Jorge Moreno, after whom the restaurant is (appropriately) named Moreno's Cafe. It'll be opening next week, with a grand opening party to come later.

3) Midtown: Baru Urbano is expanding with a third location in Midtown. This one's a little different: more lounge-like, less restaurant, and it has a bunch of art (by various local/national artists) all over the walls. The new spot's now opening next Friday.
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