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Pedestrian-Friendly Condos To Be Wedged In Between 400 Sunny Isles And Other Pedestrian Friendly Condos

Parque Towers at St. Tropez, a two-toward project named for Sunny Isles' planned Gateway Park across the street, will go up along Sunny Isles Boulevard, developer J. Milton & Associates announced today. The site looks to be right between Chad Oppenheim's also-twin towered 400 Sunny Isles project and Milton's other project, the St. Tropez, which has three towers and a pedestrian friendly town-square-like base. Parque will continue that pedestrian-friendly, somewhat New Urbanist approach. Big news for auto-centric Sunny Isles Beach, but as of now neither the park, nor the towers exist yet, so there ya go. Sunny Isles Beach, land of apartments accessed by car elevators, goes "urban."
· Parque Towers at St. Tropez [J. Milton]