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StreetEasy 2.0: Zillow Sale, New Look, Bye Bye Miami

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After selling itself to real estate search competitor Zillow and unveiling a revamped new look, (that many have called Zillow-fied although it had been in the works long before the sale) Curbed New York reports that popular listings site StreetEasy is halting its expansion plans into markets outside of New York City. According to a Zillow rep, "We've realigned StreetEasy to focus entirely on New York City, where the company has the strongest brand and deepest local knowledge," which basically means StreetEasy South Florida is shutting down. As for when precisely will go dark, (or presumably redirect to StreetEasy's main page) Zillow hasn't said a thing.

Fun Fact: StreetEasy South Florida is one year old, as of this month.
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