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Checking Out Legendary Hialeah Park Race Track's New Casino

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[Photos by Silvia Ros]

Legendary horse race track Hialeah Park's new casino is now open and successfully drawing in the hoards of nickel slot players and poker playing bros hiding behind their sunglasses. Curbed photographer Silvia Ros headed over there to see what's new. Following a long and slow decline caused first by the waning popularity of the sport of kings, and later by the departure of thoroughbred racing from the track entirely, new investments and a new master plan have promised to preserve and expand the track and its offerings.

The casino and new gardens are the first phase of the famous and stately horse race track's proclaimed return to it's glory days. (and what glory days they were!) Under a section of the historic grandstands, a small-ish casino sits on the ground floor with a large poker room above it. Both are accessed by a new pergola that runs along the building's side and extends out to the parking lot. Looking out from the pergola, one sees the track's iconic flamingo fountain in the center of a shockingly modern abstract landscape by Raymond Jungles that replaced the track's formal parterre gardens. It's a rather small portion of the entire property. The real test of Hialeah's comeback, including most of its most iconic elements like the flamingo lake, the bougainvillea arcade, the statue of Citation, and the club entrance, hasn't even begun.
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