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Versace Mansion-Hotel-Mall Could Also Be A Museum To Gianni

In addition to a mall, an Apple Store, a Victoria's Secret, and a 'Versace' branded hotel, the Versace Mansion's new owners, the Nakash family of Jordache Jeans, are now thinking about turning a part of it into a Gianni Versace museum or memorial of some sort to the dearly departed fashion designer. But it's just an idea, the mansion is undoubtedly a tricky property, and they're still brainstorming up a storm. That Versace Mall is far from a sure thing. And a Jordache branded hotel? Even the Nakashes think involving the Jordache name would be a bad idea, delicately dismissing it as "lower down on the list."
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Casa Casuarina

1116 Ocean Drive, Miami, FL 33139