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Lisa & Lenny Hochstein Can't Sell 'Palacio del Eden' But Raise Price Anyways

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Whoops! Although the garish Hochstein House on Sunset Island I has been on the market since March 2011 at the oh-so-stable price of $10.75 million, and failed to find a buyer at said price, the price inexplicably increased earlier this year to an even grander $11.5 million. Apparently buyers haven't been interested because it hasn't been expensive enough, which is basically the only 'plausible' explanation we can think of for what seems like a nonsensical move. Boob dock Lenny Hochstein and his Real Housewife of Miami Lisa (who proudly sports a pair of his knockers) built the place, called 'Palacio del Eden', themselves after buying the lot for $2.842 million in 2007. According to Zillow's price history, they've had it on and off the market ever since at prices ranging from $10.75M all the way to $14.5M. Meanwhile, the Hochstein's new-old-house at 42 Star Island is still standing.

UPDATE: Leonard writes in to say he actually bought the land for $4.35 million and also to say that he's turned down multiple offers because he's in no rush to sell.
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