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NINE's Huge Amenity Deck; Most Expensive Non-Waterfront?

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BRICKELL—Making up for that last and seriously bland rendering of its pool area, NINE at Mary Brickell Village has released a new rendering, showing the building's huge amenity deck, a 'one acre park' with a 'furnished resort style pool deck', cabanas, chaise lounges, little grassy areas, and lots of flower beds. Is that a fire pit/fountain we spot next to that little building? How tasteful. The 90s called. They want their shit back. And just so you know, those skyscrapers in the background aren't actually see-through. Yeah, we were shocked too.

MIAMI BEACH—The claim that real estate power duo The Jills have the 'most expensive non-waterfront listing' and it's only a measly $10 million, is kind of absolutely ridiculous. First of all, Miami you can do better than that. Second of all, what about this place?

Mary Brickell Village

901 South Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33130