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Goth Cathedral/Torture Chamber Club Adore Opening Soon

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Get ready Miami – the goths are coming. Oh wait. Though no official date has been set, Curbed hears that Adore nightclub will be opening in a few months at The Boulan Hotel on Collins Ave. The heavily themed nightclub straight out of a Frankenstein movie, or Disney park ride, is the first Miami venture by Las Vegas club guys Cy Waits and Cory McCormack.

Inspired by the idea of a "forgotten cathedral's fall from grace" (or just a regular ol' cathedral), the 12,000 square-foot space includes an impressively long bar that is quite literally dripping in candles and antique mirrors, a hanging chain bar – whatever that means, plush booths in deep reds and gold, and, our personal favorite, "intimately hidden corners for guests to explore." Mmhmm. What happens in Vegas Miami, stays in Miami, honey.—Margina Demmer
· Club Adore [Adore]