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Originally Rental Only, Marina Lofts Looks At Selling Its Units

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Marina Lofts, Bjarke Ingels' apartment building torn in half on the New River, may no longer be rental only. The project is asking people to sign up for its 'Preferred Residents Program', accepting inquiries for both rentals and sales. Okay, so a post on a Facebook wall is a far cry from building a sales center and launching a slick marketing campaign, which means there's a long way to go before you'll actually be able to buy a unit at Marina Lofts, but for starchitecture lovers out there, the option of owning a Bjarke Ingels creation is big news. And a unit here is likely to be a hell of a lot less expensive than at Ingels' other South Florida project, the super high-end Grove at Grand Bay.

In other Marina Lofts news, the project is currently in design development, and is finalizing zoning permitting. The big, beautiful rain tree will be transported to its new Rain Tree Park by the third quarter of 2014, in time to break ground in the third quarter and begin construction. According to developer Asi Cymbal, they are looking at several ways to expedite the phasing of the project, with a preference for completion four years after breaking ground. It'll take longer to build this place than the railroad to Orlando.
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Rain Tree

415 SW 4th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Marina Lofts

413 SW Third Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL