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Why Not Put David Beckham's Soccer Stadium In Midtown?

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Curbed reader Josh has a question:

My name is Josh and I live in the Midtown area of Miami. With all the David Beckham and MLS stadium buzz, I was wondering if there could be a small article written about placing the stadium in the open land at Midtown Shoppes? This would be very interesting for the area, MLS wants restaurants and a shopping center in very close proximity to the stadium. I was just messing with google maps and used [the FIU stadium] placed it in the open spot [where Walmart is planning to build]. Just seemed like the last major piece of land in the city that could handle a stadium. Swap a Walmart for a Beckham? It can't actually be the last open site, can it? Either way, the site has a lot of positives. The FIU Soccer Stadium, at just over 20,000 seats, is about the right size. David Beckham has said he wants to build a new stadium that can hold 20-30,000 people, in an urban location with shops and restaurants nearby. If you combine the Walmart property with the Art Miami tent site, and remove the lower half of Midtown Boulevard, it fits.

As for parking, that could go on some of the 'Midtown East' land that developer Alex Vadia purchased a year ago and has yet to build upon. The site has convenient highway access, and is in quick driving distance to the airport and other parts of Miami. Finally, the site is directly adjacent to the Florida East Coast Railway tracks, giving easy access to the future TriRail expansion on those rails.

So, Curbed Readers, what do you think? Does the idea work? Let's get the discussion started in the comments. Ready, set, go!
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Midtown Walmart

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