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And Now, The Three Most Expensive Rentals In South Florida

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Now on Lifestyle Of The Rich And Famous Curbed, we give you the three most expensive rental listings in South Florida at the moment. Coming in at number 1, is 10 Palm Avenue on Miami Beach, at a whopping $149,000 a month. This palatial 11,000 square foot Mediterranean Revival stunner has 6 bedrooms, 6.5 baths, views of PortMiami and South Beach, and comes on a rare corner lot on Palm Island. It also comes spectacularly well decorated.

Over on Rivo Alto, the 'most desirable' of the Venetian Islands is this Mediterranean Revival estate on the rental market for $100,000 a month. Gorgeous from the outside, the house is just a tad underwhelming for its outsized price tag inside. But do the six bedrooms, five baths, and more than generous 200 feet of direct bay views make up for that? Probably.

Miami Beach's highest rental prices soar past those on the extraordinarily luxurious, and still extremely expensive, Palm Beach, where one can snag this—also Mediterranean Revival—oceanfront estate in the heart of town, Palm Beach's most expensive rental, for $90,000 a month. What do you get for all that cash? Well, for one thing it's oceanfront. For another it has a mindboggling 12 bedrooms, 9 baths, 12,483 square feet of living space, a new seawall, and a clay tennis court. Included in the price are a cleaner who comes twice a week and a house manager.
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