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Check Out This Stylish Affordable Housing In Fort Lauderdale

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Here's some stylish, design-oriented rental housing for low-income people, by Fort Lauderdale's own Glavovic Studio. A little bit west of Downtown Fort Lauderdale on Broward Boulevard, it's called Kennedy Homes and it's in the historic Sailboat Bend neighborhood, and it's neat, but what else is there to say when you've got writers block? Yep, instead of sitting here staring at a screen going "ugh, writer's block", we're writing it. Writer's block, people. Anyways, Fort Lauderdale, which isn't exactly known for its dozens of excellent architecture firms (we hear crickets...) does have the excellent Glavovic, headed by the very cool Margi Nothard, and Margi & co. designed this.

It still has the suburban thing Fort Lauderdale people are so fond of though. (Sorry Fort Lauderdale people, that joke was too easy. Low hanging fruit. We know you don't all love the burbs.) The project, which won LEED Gold certification, has a gym, a library, recreation rooms, and residential towers nestled in a very nice Le Corbusian park-like greenspace, providing residents with "places, of shade, exchange, and respite." Mmmmhmmm... Hopefully before gas gets any more expensive and the "low-income" people can't afford cars anymore downtown will have grown up around it and there will be more to walk or take a train to. Wanna know what's in walking distance now. The fricken opera.
· Glavovic Studio [glavovicstudio]