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Comment of the day

"My God this is sooo ugly and unimaginative. Miami is a major center for trade and commerce in this new era. Alexandria Egypt over 2000 yrs ago was a major world center of trade and commerce on the water and they built a beacon to signify that status in what became one of the architectural "Seven Wonders of The Ancient World" with their lighthouse. It is long gone but no doubt would have survived the test of time. Miami is on the water and is a port city of commerce trade and banking. Build a modern day equivalent of that Alexandria Lighthouse and mimic its design with a beacon atop visible to ships still miles out at sea that will signify to the world our stature as a true city of the future. Build a " Lighthouse At Miami" 1000 feet tall with an observation deck and give us a symbol that will stand the test of time. This rendering is not worthy."-Michael H. [Giant 'R'-Shaped Observation Tower Planned For Bayside Pier]

Bayside Marketplace

401 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida