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What You Can Rent In Miami From (Almost) $0 To $3000/Mo.

Looking for a new place within Miami city limits? Here's a selection of what's available at four price points within the city limits proper, from the least expensive listing we could find, to a respectable $3000 a month.

According to Zillow, the least expensive listing in Miami is $625 a month, but it's an entire 1600 square foot house, giving you a surprisingly large amount of space for the price. It does, however, need tons of work, and the location, although not actually remote, at just off NE 79th Street near I-95, is very much in a neighborhood sure to make a few people a bit nervous.

Here's a cute little 1 bedroom place for $1000 a month in a restored midcentury modern building. The somewhat sketchy neighborhood is probably in the next next wave of gentrification due to its stock of pretty little apartment buildings in need of some love, its proximity to much tonier neighborhoods, and its central location.

Life at $2000 a month begins to look quite swank. Do check out this 957 square feet 1 bedroom unit in the new-ish (last boom, not this one) 50 Biscayne, complete with custom wood everything, especially the kitchen. Unit number undisclosed, unfortunately.

Life at $3000 a month begins to get a bit grand. You can now afford a three bedroom, two bath, 1,500 square foot spread on the twenty seventh floor of The Grand. Yes, yes it's an older Miami Building, straight from the cocaine fueled 80s, but your apartment comes on bayfront building's sunnier south side, complete with an astroturf covered balcony.

From there on up, it's all gravy, with bigger spreads, fancier buildings, and more comprehensive amenities. But is the sky the limit? Not quite. This isn't Miami Beach after all.
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