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And Now An Ode To The Many Amenity Decks Of Miami

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Oh, thy Amenity Deck, those lands of pleasures a-many that proliferate among Miami's many residential towers, how we indulge in the. Just atop thy parking garage, but below the condo's towering mass, a fun land awaits, a xanadu of bliss. One pool, or many, take a dip! At Paramount Bay there are two pools for your pleasure. At Vizcayne, at least three! Hot tubs, gymnasia, cardio rooms, aerobic studios, screening rooms, perpetually empty saunas perfect for making whoopie late at night, all at the end of your lounge chair. Maybe meander through the trees. At Icon Brickell there's practically a forest. Green roof? Pish, posh! Without a putting green, you're nothing!

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