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The Bacardi Building Gets A New Front Door

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The Bacardi Building, that architectural icon of midcentury Miami booze-fueled glamour that is now becoming the heart of a National YoungArts Foundation campus designed by starchitect Frank Gehry, has a new front door in a very logical spot: the top of a wide, low staircase descending to Biscayne Boulevard.

Through the building's history the stairway was never used much because people would enter and exit via elevator from the building's partially-underground garage or a surface lot next door, and a chain was even stretched across it to block access. Then, once up the stairs, you had to walk around to some much more discreet doors on the building's side or take either one of two additional flights of stairs to the second floor. Now, once they remove that pesky chain, you'll be able to stroll right in through this brand new set of tall double doors.
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Bacardi Building

2100 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL