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Beckham Wants To Build His Soccer Stadium At PortMiami

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Soccer superstar David Beckham reportedly wants to build his Major League Soccer stadium over on 25 acres at the southwest corner of Dodge Island, where the port has been planning to develop condos, hotels, retail, and a megayacht marina. This is according to the Miami Herald. This works because, although Beckham has been wanting to build the stadium in an urban locale all along, now he's planning a hotel and retail to go along with it too. Hotel Beckham? Sleep with the dreamy soccer stud, metaphorically?

Anywho, as far as just how big the stadium is going to be, the Miami Herald reports that it will be 25,000 seats "with expandable seating for different events". Meanwhile, the UK's Daily Mirror says Beckham wants "to build [a] 75,000 seater." If the thing really does triple in size, that's one hell of an expandable stadium.
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