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The Grove's Demolished Du Pont Estate Was Buried In Poison

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The end of Baymere, the lavish 33-room midcentury modern estate of Willis Du Pont in Coconut Grove that was listed on the market for $22 million, was sad and quick. After surveyors determined the property to be absolutely soaked with toxic waste—it was built on as much as 100,000 tons of toxic soil carted over from the "Old Smokey" incinerator over in the West Grove—the house sold for $11.4 million and was demolished. Perhaps it was appropriate for an heir to chemical fortune, Willis Du Pont, to build his house above a toxic wasteland in 1964. The current owners, who might be heirs to a Venezuelan oil fortune, demolished the house and apparently plan to build five luxury residences on impermeable surfaces and new top fill that should cap the contaminated soil, rendering it safe.
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3500 Saint Gaudens Court, Coconut Grove, Florida