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Here's The Biggest House For Sale In Broward, To Be Auctioned Off December 8th

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A rather gaudy house said to be the largest for sale in Broward County right now, at 23, 576 square feet, will hit the auction block December 8th, double grand staircase, many-columned bathroom, baroque dining room and all. Listed at $10 million, it was built by the owner of a chain of daycare centers and his wife, who spent five years building it and, now that their own kids are grown up, are downsizing. It comes with east and west wings, a guest house, and 4 acres with an "agricultural exemption." Perfect for the simple farmer who just can't live without a $500,000 walk in closet.
· Largest house for sale in Broward will be auctioned December 8th. [Miami Herald]
· 13811 Luray Road [Trulia]