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Brickell CityCentre's Front Door Will Be Miami's Tallest Tower

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One Brickell CityCentre, the tower being planned by Swire Properties to cap off the Brickell CityCentre megaproject with a triumphal frontage on Biscayne Boulevard will be—if the Federal Aviation Administration let's them have their way—the tallest building in Miami, easily trumping the next tallest, the 830 foot Panorama Tower that Tibor Hollo is building nearby by, oh, 270 feet for a grand total of 1100 feet in height. Btdubs, it'll also be the tallest building south of Manhattan, taller than the Chrysler Building, and the tallest building in the U.S. outside of New York and Chicago. Finally, following the official definition of the term, which is a building over 1,000 feet, One Brickell CityCentre will be Miami's first 'supertall tower.'
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Brickell Citycentre

700 S. Miami Avenue, Miami, FL